Beginning at 7:30am, parents of children enrolled in extended (morning) care must park and escort their camper into the East Gym to sign in. TERP Quest is not responsible for parking violation fees.
Campers may be dropped off between 8:15am and 8:45am at the TERP Quest drop-off circle outside the ERC. The circle is located at the end of Valley Drive (where the School of Public Health building and Eppley Recreation Center meet). A staff member will sign your child in and escort him/her to base camp. It will help us all if your camper is ready to go! At the end of the camp day, this is also where you may pick up your camper between 4:00 and 4:30 pm by meeting with a staff member to sign out your child.
After 8:45am, a parent must park and escort a camper into the ERC East Gym for check-in with camp staff. TERP Quest is not responsible for parking violation fees.

After 9:00am, TERP Questers are on the move, so please report to the Info desk at the Eppley Recreation Center. The Info Desk staff will gladly contact a TERP Quest Staff member to sign in your child and personally insure he or she gets to their group. Late arriving families may experience a wait time in being served.
CAUTION: Please be aware that camps sponsored by the School of Public Health may be dropping off or picking up campers on or about the same time. There will be traffic. Please be patient and move all the way to the top of the circle to drop off or pick up your TERP Quest camper.