Camp Groups

TERP Quest Summer Day Camp activities are specifically structured to meet multiple needs of children within the same age range. Children are placed in groups which allow them to interact on a daily basis with their academic peers.
For those children who are entering 1st or 2nd grade in the coming academic year. Our youngest campers must have completed a minimum of one full year of a full day of kindergarten.
These campers will be entering 3rd or 4th grade in the fall after camp.
These campers will begin 5th, 6th or maybe even 7th grade in the fall following camp, depending on age.
Age restrictions are set as part of the registration process to ensure appropriate group placement, but we understand that all campers may not meet these pre-set parameters*. If you encounter an age issue when registering your child, please contact Mary Mires at for assistance.

*TERP Quest will not allow campers to register out of group if it is not an appropriate placement
Example: a camper entering the 2nd grade cannot be placed with a sibling or friend entering the 4th grade.


Arts & Crafts: Terp Quest campers will explore various craft techniques and test different artistic mediums to create their own art project or Terp Quest camp keepsakes.

Fitness: Terp Questers will warm up each day with basic conditioning and stretching exercises to prepare them for the physical activity that will follow. Different activities throughout the week, appropriate to their age, will help each child build endurance, strength, and flexibility. Our program consists of an action-packed line-up of traditional sports and cooperative games. In age-appropriate sporting activities, sportsmanship will be promoted as campers are introduced to basic fundamentals and the sport rules. Teamwork and cooperation will be the goal of our non-elimination games both on and off the field. Campers will be swimming almost every day. Weather permitting.

Swimming: Terp Quest campers will get to take a plunge in our outdoor pool under the supervision of our Red Cross certified lifeguards and camp counselors to enjoy some unstructured free swim time.

Outdoor Adventure: Don't forget our Outdoor Adventure Center! We will climb each week under the trained and certified Maryland Adventure Program staff.
Arts & Crafts, Fitness, Sports, Games and Swimming
Campus Field Trips, Outdoor Skills, Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, Special Events