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What to Bring

Make sure your camper has what they need to have a great day at camp! And kindly leave the items listed under "what not to bring" at home to help ensure a great camp experience for all. 

What to bring 

  • Water bottle. Campers should have a refillable water bottle with them each day. We want our campers to stay hydrated during their busy day. In order to support the University-wide initiative of sustainability, we ask that you do not send disposable bottles.
    • In the case that your camper has forgotten a water bottle, a disposable one will be provided at the cost of $3.00 per bottle consumed. You will be notified of the charge via email and/or at pickup and the fee must be paid before your child may return to camp. 
  • Appropriate clothing. Campers should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather and high activity. Feel free to send a change of clothes to be held at camp if you feel your camper may need them in an emergency.
  • Appropriate footwear. Campers should wear closed-heel and closed-toe shoes with socks. (No Crocs or Heelys.) Terp Quest is a highly active camp and we spend our days running, jumping, walking, and climbing, so all footwear should be appropriate for their day. 
  • Backpack. Bring a backpack that can carry all of your camper's items and is easy for your child to carry. We walk everywhere we go and campers must carry their own bags. 
  • Swim suit and towel. Campers will swim daily, so they will need a swim suit and towel every day of camp. If your child is enrolled in After Camp Swim Safety, the same suit will be worn for their group swim period. 
  • Sunscreen. Campers should come to camp with sunscreen already applied and should also bring one bottle of spray sunscreen per camper, per week, labeled with their name. Sunscreen cannot be shared between siblings. We will only assist campers in applying sunscreen if authorized to do so. 
  • Snacks. Please place two healthy, non-perishable snacks (separate from their lunch) in their backpack. These are most often eaten off-site when campers do not have access to their lunchbox, so please pack them accordingly. Campers are not permitted to purchase food or drink. 
  • Lunch in an insulated container. Terp Quest will store lunches in a secure indoor location, but they will not be refrigerated. Please plan accordingly by providing a healthy lunch which will not spoil under these conditions. Reusable icepacks for your child's lunch are a good idea.

Pro Tip: Please label your child's belongings! 


What not to bring

  • Electronics of any kind. Terp Quest does not allow the use of any electronic device, including cell phones and smart watches. We want your camper to be actively engaged with their peers in activities all day long! If your camper has an urgent need to reach you, a Terp Quest staff member will assist them. 
  • Trading cards. Trading cards of any kind are not allowed. Though we understand campers may enjoy these items, we want to introduce them to new ways of having fun. 
  • Toys. We ask that your camper not bring any toys from home to Terp Quest. We have plenty to play with here at camp!
  • Money. Campers are not permitted to purchase anything while at camp, so there is no need to have money. Please ensure your camper does not bring any money to camp.

Any unauthorized personal items will be collected by the Camp Director for parent pickup at the end of the camp day. Terp Quest Summer Day Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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