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Drop Off & Pick Up

The vast majority of participant drop-offs and pick-ups occur adjacent our base camp at the Eppley Recreation Center (ERC), at the top of Valley Drive. You will see our directional signs around campus, a large sign at the drop site, and the Terp Quest staff dressed in neon shirts. 

Expect our staff to do the following:

  • greet you in your car upon arrival at the circle
  • ask to see valid ID and have you sign your camper in/out
  • welcome your child in the morning and send them off with a wave at pick-up
  • assist them to safely exit or enter your vehicle
  • accompany them personally to and from our base camp in the Eppley Recreation Center.

Terp Quest wants to make the drop off experience easy and quick for parents and engaging for campers. We provide car to camp drop off for the convenience of our families. 

  • Campers may be dropped off between 8:30 am-9:00 am at the Terp Quest drop off circle outside the ERC. The circle is located at the end of Valley Drive (where the School of Public Health building and Eppley Recreation Center meet). A staff member will sign your child in and escort him/her to base camp. It will help us all if your camper is ready to go. 
  • Please be aware that camps sponsored by the School of Public Health may be dropping off or picking up campers on or about the same time. There will be traffic. Please be patient and move all the way to the top of the circle to drop off your Terp Quest camper.

Please note: If your camper needs to be dropped off prior to 8:30am, please register for before care ($35 per week). Additionally, if your camper arrives after 8:30am, you will need to park and escort them into the Eppley Recreation Center through the main front doors. The Information Desk staff will gladly contact a TerpQuest staff member to sign your child in and take them to their group. 

**Authorized persons must always present a valid photo ID when picking up a child from Terp Quest.**

Like drop off, TerpQuest strives to make the pick up experience as easy as possible for parents. Pick up occurs at the same circle as drop off, just outside the ERC near the School of Public Health and Cumberland Hall. 

  • The afternoon car line begins at 4:00pm and ends promptly at 4:30pm.
  • Similar to drop off, your camper will be brought to your car if you arrive during this time frame. 

Early Pick Up: If your camper needs to be picked up before 4:00pm 

  • Special arrangements should be made in advance if you are picking up your camper before 4:00pm. You can do this by telling us in the car line at drop off or by submitting your request online a minimum of two hours in advance at 
  • We will have your camper ready to go at the Information Desk of the ERC. Campers will be returned to their activity groups If you arrive more than 10 minutes past your pre-planned pick-up time.
  • If we had to return your camper to their group, there will be a delay in picking them up. Be sure to arrive on time!

4:00pm-4:30pm - No Pick-Ups Allowed-outside of carline: 

  • For the safety of all campers, pick-ups between 4:00pm-4:30pm are not permitted. Please plan accordingly. After 4:00pm, all pick-ups are completed via the car line or the walk-up sign out station at the east corner of the Eppley Recreation Center adjacent the car line.
  • Please refer to our Early Pick-Up procedures to ensure you reach your destination on time

No Late Pick Up: 

  • There is no late pick-ups, all camp activity ends promptly at 5:30pm.  
  • Terp Quest will make reasonable attempts to reach the family and authorized Emergency Contacts for the unclaimed camper.
  • If any camper remains on site with Terp Quest after 5:30pm, and attempts have been made to reach the family and authorized Emergency Contacts, the University of Maryland Police will be notified as will the local branch of Child Protective Services.  

Terp Quest is not responsible for ensuring your child leaves with the parent of another camper. If your child is to be picked up by another parent, that parent must request their release AND be pre-authorized to pick up your camper.
**NOTE: Terp Quest is not responsible for parking violation fees**



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